NEW Priori Superceutical Peel & Power Peel Courses

NEW Priori Superceutical Peel

Due to the dramatic volumizing and illuminating effect of this peel, this treatment is perfect as a ‘beauty-flash’ treatment, offering the ultimate ‘red-carpet’ finish. Additionally, due to the BHA as well as pure lactic acid, it also makes for a wonderful treatment with acne management and rosacea. Gentle, yet improving skin texture, this peel is also anti-bacterial and improves scar issue with the collagen response.

Clients with pigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scar tissue, and irregular skin texture. Due to the % of lactic acid, this will really improve the hyaluronic response and also boost collagen to give a beautifully illuminated, volumized result to all skins.

Purchase any two of the NEW Priori Decoded skincare products, and receive a Priori Superceutical Peel FREE!

Offer to be redeemed until August 31st. Add on an Omnilux Light for $70 to enhance your results. Priori Superceutical Peel usually $90, or $150 with Omnilux.

NEW Priori Power Peel Courses

To dramatically transform your skin this winter, we have put together some exclusive Priori Decoded courses for 2018. These anti-ageing and correctional courses will resurface the skin, healing, smoothing, and hydrating, for a brighter, plumper appearance.

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve put together a Priori Power Peel Express Course consisting of one peel per week, for six weeks. With just a half-hour booking time, this is an economic way to make over your skin, just in time for spring.

Course consists of six Priori Superceutical Peels, one per week for six weeks. 30 minutes booking time.
486 (10% OFF! Value $540). Offer valid until the 31st of August 2018.

For our ladies waning to really boost their collagen production by combining the new Priori Superceutical Peel with the magic of Omnilux Light Therapy, we have created the Priori Power Peel & Light Course. Experience a Priori Superceutical Peel with an Omnilux Light Therapy treatment once a week, for six weeks, with an additional

Omnilux Light Therapy Facial once a fortnight for the duration of the course.

Course consists of six Priori Superceutical Peels and nine Omnilux Light Therapy treatments over six weeks.
900 (Usually $1200, SAVE $300!) Offer valid until the 31st of August 2018.