NEW TREATMENT Light Fusion Omnilux Mask

NEW OMNILUX HYROGEL MASK: Skincare in a whole new light 

Research has shown that skincare products used during and after Omilux LED phototherapy are better absorbed by the skin, producing more visible results than if used alone. Photobiologists and dermatologists have now developed the lightfusion™ Hydrogel Mask which works in harmony with Omnilux™.

The lightfusion photofacial mask enhances the results of Omnilux phototherapy by allowing the maximum penetration of light photons into the skin, while delivering the key skincare ingredients.

Contains active ingredients of marine collagen, green tea extract and seaweed that enhance and accelerate the results of the Omnilux photofacial. Hydrates, cools and softens skin before, during and after treatment.

$38 added onto any Omnilux Facial.

Omnilux Half Hour Facial $100

Micro & Omni $150.

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